Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Camp Minsi's Scout Leader Merit Badge

Camp Minsi's Scout Leader Merit Badge is a special award that challenges adult leaders to get out of the campsite, away from the coffee pot, and participating in various activities throughout camp. The program places a series of fun challenges in front of a leader, just as the advancement program does for the youth in the Scouting program. Plus, (just like the youth advancement program) it is fun, and you get a cool patch!

Nothing sets the example for the Scouts working on their advancement at camp better than seeing their leader working on completing their own merit badge right alongside them.

This summer we are excited to release an update to the Scout Leader Merit Badge program at Camp Minsi. This includes new requirements and a new patch!

There are five levels to the multi-year Scout Leader Merit program, with each sequential level getting more challenging. As such, this progressive-award provides returning leaders with new challenges as they move up through the levels of the program. If you have already started the Scout Leader Merit Badge program, there is no need to start over – you can continue with the equivalent level under the new requirements.

You can preview the requirements by downloading the brand-new Camp Minsi Scout Leader Merit Badge pamphlet.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Camp Minsi 2012 Menu

Tasty, fresh, and filling food is an important part of the camp experience. Everyone at Camp Minsi is served three wholesome, well-balanced and delicious family-style meals. Here's a preview of the Camp Minsi dining hall menu planned for this summer. The menu was been prepared by our camp cook and approved by a licensed dietitian.

Milk and cereal are available at every breakfast; and a full salad bar is available at all lunches and dinners. Additionally, peanut butter and jelly is available as an alternative at lunch and dinner. Beverages available throughout the week include various fruit juices, bug juice, milk, and water; plus hot coffee and tea for adult leaders.

Camp Minsi holds a family night on Sunday evenings; families are invited to stay for a chicken barbeque picnic at 5:45PM. On Thursday evenings, the dining hall does not provide a cooked meal. Instead, units are provided with ingredients to cook their own dinner as part of the camp-wide Iron Chef Cook-off; each unit will choose their ingredients from a provided list (see form in the 2012 Leader's Guide) and are challenged in true Scouting fashion to cook the best dish in camp. If a Scout or leader has any special dietary needs or allergies, a Food Allergy and Religious Dietary Information form must be completed and submitted prior to their arrival at camp (this form can be found in the Resource section of Please note that the menu provided below may be subject to changes and alterations without notice.

Camp Minsi 2012 Menu
Sun.    "Family BBQ"
BBQ Chicken
Baked Potato
Corn Cobb
Salad Bar
Strawberries & Cream
Milk & Cereal
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Kaiser Roll
Salad Bar
Meat Sauce
Garlic Bread
Caesar Salad
Italian Icee
Tue.French Toast
Milk & Cereal
“Picnic Day”
Hot Dogs
Cole Slaw
Salad Bar
Roast Turkey w/ Gravy
Au Gratin Potatoes
Green Beans Almandine
Corn Bread Dressing
Salad Bar
WedBreakfast Sandwiches
(Sausage, Egg Patty,
Cheese, Biscuit)

Home Fries
Milk & Cereal
Chicken Quesidillas
Beef Burritos
Spanish Rice
Sour Cream
Salad Bar
Pork Roast
Mashed Potatoes
Vegetable Medley
Salad Bar
Thu.Scrambled Eggs
English Muffin
Honey Dew Melon
Milk & Cereal
Chicken Parm Sandwich
Caesar Salad
Salad Bar
"Iron Chef Cook-off"
Fri.Cheese Omelet
Canadian Bacon
Home Fried Potatoes
Milk & Cereal
Meatball Grinders
Tater Tots
BBQ Beef Brisket
Oven Roasted Potatoes
Seasoned Broccoli
Salad Bar
Sat.Continental Breakfast
Assorted Pastries
Assorted Cereals
Fruit Mix

Menu is subject to change.