Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Camp Minsi Silver Turtle Award

The Silver Turtle is a special award program unique to Camp Minsi. As a 5-year progressive award, the Silver Turtle gets more and more difficult at each stage. The Silver Turtle has been created to encourage Scouting spirit throughout camp while promoting the values of the Scout Oath and Law. Scouts must participate in certain program activities, learn of camp history, participate in service projects, and perform some extra fun activities.

The Silver Turtle tracking sheets will be distributed at the Sunday Night leaders' meeting. Since this is only the second year of the Silver Turtle program, only levels one and two are available. Scouts will be able to get their tracking sheets signed by staff members for certain requirements, but unit leaders will also be asked to sign for certain requirements pertaining to the Troop.

All scouts who complete level 1 of the Silver Turtle program will receive a special patch to wear on their uniforms. As each level of the Silver Turtle is earned, Scouts will earn special beads to add to the turtle's tail.

We hope to see many Scouts earning their Silver Turtle this year; and for those of you who earned your Silver Turtle last year, we hope to see you continuing on to level 2... and be sure to come back in 2012 to earn level 3.

Download the Silver Turtle Level 1 Requirement Sheet

Download the Silver Turtle Level 2 Requirement Sheet

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