Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stillwater Lake Dam Update

Work on the Stillwater Lake Dam is now getting underway. Stillwater Lake began the drawdown process on August 11th and the initial phase of construction is expected to start later this month.

In 2002, Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) reclassified Stillwater Lake Dam as a "high hazard dam" and informed Minsi Trails Council that significant dam renovations were needed. Engineering plans and the permit applications were completed in November 2009 for the estimated $1.7-million project. Initial construction work will begin after the lake is drawn down and construction will continue through fall and into winter so that the 314-acre lake can refill in time for the 2011 summer camp season.

Camp Minsi will remain open to all units with camping reservations. However the drained lake bed and all construction areas are closed to all campers (no access allowed). Camp Minsi is closed to all other visitors during the dam construction. Safety first … always!

Future updates will be provided as the Stillwater Lake Dam construction progresses.

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