Sunday, June 20, 2010

Adult Leader Trainings at Camp Minsi

Training helps adult leaders deliver quality Scouting experiences to their youth. While at camp this summer, leaders can utilize their time to get trained (and have fun) with a variety of adult leader training opportunities. Leader-specific training will be offered to any interested adult leaders throughout the week.

Our National Camp School certified Commissioners will lead the training sessions. These sessions include hands-on practical training in the program areas alongside the Scouts, plus several evening sessions that occur while Scouts are at evening program. This is a great opportunity for leaders to get these essential trainings completed! A detailed schedule of the trainings is provided below.

Scoutmaster & Assistant Scoutmaster
Leader Specific Training

Monday (7:00-8:30PM) at the Ad-Pad
Introduction: Fast Start

• This is Scouting
• Youth Protection
• Position Specific Training
• and more!

Tuesday (7:00-8:30PM) at the Ad-Pad
Session I: Getting Started: The Role of the Scoutmaster in a Boy-Led Troop

• The Role of the Scoutmaster
• Troop Organization
• Troop Meetings
• Working with Boy Leaders – The Patrol Method
• Patrol Leader’s Council
• and more!

Wednesday (7:00-8:30PM) at the Ad-Pad
Session II: Lighting the Fire: The Outdoor Program & Advancement Program

• Sizzle of the Outdoor Program
• Nuts and Bolts of the Outdoor Program
• Outdoor Program Patrol/ Group Activities
• Advancement Program
• and more!

Thursday (7:00-8:30PM) at the Ad-Pad
Session III: Keep it Going: Program Planning & Troop Administration

• Program Planning
• Membership
• Paperwork
• Finances
• The Uniform
• Other Training Opportunities
• and more!

Friday (all day) at the Ad-Pad
Make Up Session(s)
• Any missed session can be scheduled for make up on this day.

Introduction to Outdoor Skills Leader Training

Monday Morning (9:00-11:50AM) at Trail to Adventure
• Flag Etiquette
• Ropes (bowline, clove hitch, square knot, two half hitch, taut line hitch, whipping/fusing)
• Woods Tools

Tuesday Morning (9:00-11:50AM) at ScoutCraft
• Lashings (Square, diagona, shear)
• Safe Hiking & Trek Safely
• Map & Compass
• Fire Prep & Safetly

Wednesday Morning (9:00-11:50AM) at E-con
• Plant and Animal Identification

Thursday Morning (9:00-11:50AM) at Health Lodge
• First Aid

Friday Morning (9:00-11:50AM)
• Make-up session(s). Any missed session can be scheduled for make up on this day.

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