Sunday, June 27, 2010

Camp Minsi Kicks-Off 2010 Summer Camp Season

The long awaited start of the 2010 summer camp season at Camp Minsi is finally here! This year Camp Minsi celebrates its the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America. This summer Camp Minsi continues its tradition of providing unique and exciting programs for Scouts of all ages. There are lots of great things happening at camp this year.

This summer Camp Minsi will host 5 exciting weeks of summer camp – welcoming over 55 Troops and serving more than 850 Scouts and 225 Scouters, plus countless families, volunteers and friends.

We look forward to sharing all the fun of camp with you online – check back for updates throughout the summer.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Adult Leader Trainings at Camp Minsi

Training helps adult leaders deliver quality Scouting experiences to their youth. While at camp this summer, leaders can utilize their time to get trained (and have fun) with a variety of adult leader training opportunities. Leader-specific training will be offered to any interested adult leaders throughout the week.

Our National Camp School certified Commissioners will lead the training sessions. These sessions include hands-on practical training in the program areas alongside the Scouts, plus several evening sessions that occur while Scouts are at evening program. This is a great opportunity for leaders to get these essential trainings completed! A detailed schedule of the trainings is provided below.

Scoutmaster & Assistant Scoutmaster
Leader Specific Training

Monday (7:00-8:30PM) at the Ad-Pad
Introduction: Fast Start

• This is Scouting
• Youth Protection
• Position Specific Training
• and more!

Tuesday (7:00-8:30PM) at the Ad-Pad
Session I: Getting Started: The Role of the Scoutmaster in a Boy-Led Troop

• The Role of the Scoutmaster
• Troop Organization
• Troop Meetings
• Working with Boy Leaders – The Patrol Method
• Patrol Leader’s Council
• and more!

Wednesday (7:00-8:30PM) at the Ad-Pad
Session II: Lighting the Fire: The Outdoor Program & Advancement Program

• Sizzle of the Outdoor Program
• Nuts and Bolts of the Outdoor Program
• Outdoor Program Patrol/ Group Activities
• Advancement Program
• and more!

Thursday (7:00-8:30PM) at the Ad-Pad
Session III: Keep it Going: Program Planning & Troop Administration

• Program Planning
• Membership
• Paperwork
• Finances
• The Uniform
• Other Training Opportunities
• and more!

Friday (all day) at the Ad-Pad
Make Up Session(s)
• Any missed session can be scheduled for make up on this day.

Introduction to Outdoor Skills Leader Training

Monday Morning (9:00-11:50AM) at Trail to Adventure
• Flag Etiquette
• Ropes (bowline, clove hitch, square knot, two half hitch, taut line hitch, whipping/fusing)
• Woods Tools

Tuesday Morning (9:00-11:50AM) at ScoutCraft
• Lashings (Square, diagona, shear)
• Safe Hiking & Trek Safely
• Map & Compass
• Fire Prep & Safetly

Wednesday Morning (9:00-11:50AM) at E-con
• Plant and Animal Identification

Thursday Morning (9:00-11:50AM) at Health Lodge
• First Aid

Friday Morning (9:00-11:50AM)
• Make-up session(s). Any missed session can be scheduled for make up on this day.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Camp Minsi GPS Coordinates

Want to navigate around Camp Minsi with ease? Be sure to bring your GPS to know where you are and where you're going at all times.

Aside from simple navigation, this summer Scouts and Scouters will be able to use GPS units to search for several new geocaches hidden throughout Camp Minsi. Geocaching is an exciting sport that uses GPS navigation to find hidden treasures. Whether you;re a novice or experienced cacher, you’ll find these caches to be both fun and challenging. A special geocashing session and training course will be held at E-con on Tuesday afternoons, followed by a special nature-based geocashe challenge. This is also a great way to prepare for Scouting's newly announced Geocaching Merit Badge.

Below is a list of coordinates for some important landmarks within camp; feel free to program any of these Camp Minsi locations into your GPS unit before coming to camp to help you get your oriented throughout your summer adventures.

Dining Hall N41 07.317 ’W75 25.450’
WaterfrontN41 07.103’W75 25.431’
Ecology-Conservation (E-con)N41 07.204’W75 25.363’
Trail to Adventure (TTA)N41 07.166’W75 25.334’
ScoutcraftN41 07.289’W75 25.405’
HandiCraftN41 07.380’W75 25.381’
Archery RangeN41 07.585’W75 25.327’
Rifle RangeN41 07.619 ’W75 25.332’
Shotgun RangeN41 07.607’W75 25.374’
Activities FieldN41 07.151’W75 25.361’
Trading PostN41 07.379’W75 25.380’
Central ShowersN41 07.342’W75 25.462’
Health LodgeN41 07.275’W75 25.447’
Administration Building (Ad-Pad)N41 07.231’W75 25.475’
Minsi RockN41 07.203’W75 25.432’
ChapelN41 07.369’W75 25.358’
Fire CircleN41 07.361’W75 25.370’
First BridgeN41 07.077’W75 25.513’
Second BridgeN41 07.628’W75 25.118’
Hunter's CabinN41 07.869’W75 24.448’
Site 1 (Mohican)N41 07.354 ’W75 25.457’
Site 2 (Tuscarora)N41 07.436 ’W75 25.419’
Site 3 (Iroquois)N41 07.426 ’W75 25.399’
Site 4 (Mohawk)N41 07.445’W75 25.422’
Site 5 (Onondaga)N41 07.412’W75 25.520’
Site 6 (Onieda)N41 07.361’W75 25.580’
Site 7 (Cayuga)N41 07.286’W75 25.550’
Site 8 (Seneca)N41 07.280 ’W75 25.504’
Site 9 (Lenape)N41 07.377’W75 25.677’
Site 10 (Shawnee)N41 07.438’W75 25.301’

Monday, June 7, 2010

Camp Minsi Goes Green!

Camp Minsi is taking numerous steps to make its summer camp operations even more environmentally friendly. A new camp-wide recycling program will help reduce waste and help support the environmental ideals of the Scouting program.

This summer Camp Minsi will launch a new recycling effort to reduce waste in camp. Special recycling dumpsters will be located in camp along with new recycling receptacles at campsites and select program areas to collect plastic, metal, glass, cardboard and other recyclable items.

At camp, recycling is but one factor in a broader effort towards better environmental stewardship. For example, we will continue to use reusable plates, cups and cutlery at our Sunday night barbeque; plus reusable mugs will now be available at our Scoutmaster coffee station to reduce the need for Styrofoam cups. Our trading post will also continue the push towards more environmental responsibility – special reusable cups and mugs will be utilized to help reduce the need for unnecessary bottles and cups used for beverages.

This summer will also introduce newly enhanced and expanded ecology-conservation programs at our E-con Lodge. Throughout the past 100 years of Scouting, Scouts have been challenged to explore, learn about and care for the outdoors, our environment and our world. Scouts will have the opportunity to participate in numerous conservation projects throughout camp, and new educational opportunities, trainings, and experiences will be also available for Scouts and leaders of all ages.

In addition to working to protect our environment, it is hoped these and other programs will also help reduce costs, allowing more money to go directly into our quality programs and not landfills. For more information, be sure to ask the Camp Director about our new recycling program and other environmental initiatives throughout the summer.

The Outdoor Code
As an American, I will do my best to
be clean in my outdoor manners,
be careful with fire,
be considerate in the outdoors,
and be conservation minded.