Monday, June 7, 2010

Camp Minsi Goes Green!

Camp Minsi is taking numerous steps to make its summer camp operations even more environmentally friendly. A new camp-wide recycling program will help reduce waste and help support the environmental ideals of the Scouting program.

This summer Camp Minsi will launch a new recycling effort to reduce waste in camp. Special recycling dumpsters will be located in camp along with new recycling receptacles at campsites and select program areas to collect plastic, metal, glass, cardboard and other recyclable items.

At camp, recycling is but one factor in a broader effort towards better environmental stewardship. For example, we will continue to use reusable plates, cups and cutlery at our Sunday night barbeque; plus reusable mugs will now be available at our Scoutmaster coffee station to reduce the need for Styrofoam cups. Our trading post will also continue the push towards more environmental responsibility – special reusable cups and mugs will be utilized to help reduce the need for unnecessary bottles and cups used for beverages.

This summer will also introduce newly enhanced and expanded ecology-conservation programs at our E-con Lodge. Throughout the past 100 years of Scouting, Scouts have been challenged to explore, learn about and care for the outdoors, our environment and our world. Scouts will have the opportunity to participate in numerous conservation projects throughout camp, and new educational opportunities, trainings, and experiences will be also available for Scouts and leaders of all ages.

In addition to working to protect our environment, it is hoped these and other programs will also help reduce costs, allowing more money to go directly into our quality programs and not landfills. For more information, be sure to ask the Camp Director about our new recycling program and other environmental initiatives throughout the summer.

The Outdoor Code
As an American, I will do my best to
be clean in my outdoor manners,
be careful with fire,
be considerate in the outdoors,
and be conservation minded.

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