Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Camp Minsi's "Adopt a Campsite" Program

Do you or your Troop have a personal connection to a campsite at Camp Minsi? Ever wish you could do more to make that site “your own?”

Now, with the Camp Minsi "Adopt a Campsite" program you can help to improve a campsite and bring a true sense of ownership to your Troop!

Adoptive Troops will have a special plaque placed at the entrance to the site to acknowledge their service and generous support to Camp Minsi. Troops enrolled in the program can be as involved as they would like. This could include monetary donations, service projects, supplies donations, or contributing other improvements. All monetary donations you make will directly go towards whichever specific campsite improvements you designate.

What could adoption involve?

  • Donation of a storage shed (approx. $500)
  • Latrine improvements
  • Addition of platforms
  • Repairing platforms, canvas, and cots
  • Improving patrol sites and fire circles
  • Set-up of tents prior to summer camp season
  • Take down tents after summer camp season
  • Donation of picnic tables (approx. $250)
  • Donation of a site pavilion (approx. $1,000)

Additionally, Troops participating in the "Adopt a Campsite" program will will be able to reserve and use their adoptive site year-round with NO FEES attached. For more information, or to sign-up for the "Adopt a Campsite" program, please contact Mike Wiencek at campminsipd@yahoo.com.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2010 Camp Minsi Directors

We are pleased to introduce your 2010 camp hosts. Our roster of summer camp directors is full of experienced, dedicated, and nationally certified staff members. If you have any questions regarding Camp Minsi or our 2010 programs, please feel free to contact Lisa Empfield at campminsiCD@yahoo.com or Mike Wiencek at campminsiPD@yahoo.com.

Camp DirectorLisa Empfield
Program DirectorMike Wiencek
RangerJohn Leach
Camp EngineerDon Freidhoff
Head ChefWilliam Broderick
Health OfficerJay "Boston" Falcone
CIT Director/CommissionerEric "Bubba" Gross
Dining Hall StewardBarbara "Aunt Barb" Emert
Waterfront DirectorRyan Lilly
E-Con DirectorGreg Larson
Handicraft DirectorSarah Emert
Scoutcraft DirectorWill Greb
Shooting Sports DirectorJim Emert
Trail to Adventure DirectorSidney Lariar
Trading Post ManagerSean Sanner