Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Become an Aqua-Knot This Summer!

Camp Minsi's Aqua-Knots is a brand-new summer camp program at Camp Minsi. The Aqua-Knots are a group of elite Scouts who demonstrate leadership, resourcefulness, and teamwork through a series of fun and challenging events.

The program combines two of Camp Minsi's most popular areas - Waterfront and ScoutCraft - for a week of special events and activities. Scouts are required to attend a certain number of events along with several optional challenges throughout the week. The purpose of this program is to provide Scouts with recreational challenges, team-oriented activities and a sense of special achievement.

Some of the events that are sure to make a splash with any Aqua-Knot hopeful include a triathlon, a "Lost At Sea" outpost where the participants build a survival raft and paddle to a remote destination, and a gigantic water battle to close out their week! Announcments will be made at the meals throughout the week with details on upcoming Aqua-Knots events.

The Aqua-Knots will begin their journey on Monday evening after dinner, and will conclude on Friday during siesta. Many of these events will take place during open program periods in early evenings. Optional events may be offered during program times and are generally very flexible. While this program is geared towards older Scouts who are looking for a more advanced aquatic challenges, all Scouts are welcome to participate.

We hope to see you join the elite and become an Aqua-Knot this summer!

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