Monday, February 8, 2010

The Boy Scouts of America Celebrates 100 Years!


On this date in 1910, the Boy Scouts of America was incorporated by publisher W. D. Boyce. Boyce first learned about Scouting when a Scout refused payment for helping him through a fog. He was simply doing a Good Turn. For 100 years, Scouts across America have kept to that example, doing Good Turns daily.

Having served more than 100-million members since its founding, the Boy Scouts of America has made a lasting and positive imprint on the fabric of the nation. Its mission: "Preparing young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law," enables Scouting to address many issues that are important to young people and families, including health, civility, education, leadership, diversity, and service to others. Today, Scouts celebrate the 100th anniversary of this great movement and begin our next 100 years of service.

"This country needs strong leaders and healthy young people more than ever before, and that is what Scouting is all about," said Bob Mazzuca, Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America. "This is our time in history to remind the nation that Scouting is more vibrant, more vital, and more relevant than ever before. Every day, millions of Scouts and adult leaders make a huge difference in our society. We look forward to continuing that commitment in the next century."

This landmark anniversary provides a great opportunity to remember how the Boy Scouts of America got here, and to re-explore the deep traditions that make us unique. For that, check out Scouting Magazine's comprehensive BSA timeline, or pick up Chuck Wills' outstanding new book The Boy Scouts of America: A Centennial History. This historical knowledge serves as an excellent foundation for moving into the next 100 years of the Scouting.

However, though Scouting is firmly rooted in a steady set of core values, Scouting is committed to remaining current and relevant by adapting how it delivers programs and reaches it audiences.

"During this year we recognize the achievements of our past, but our focus is on the future of millions of young Scouts, their communities, and the nation as a whole," Mazzuca said. "Scouting is ready for the next 100 years!"

In honor of the 100th anniversary of Scouting, Camp Minsi has assembled a summer camp program packed with lots of exciting opportunities for celebration, fellowship, adventure, advancement, and fun. Special centennial events include: a camp-wide 100th anniversary Troop challenge, unique historical Merit Badge programs, special "Scouting Through the Years" events and demos at ScoutCraft, plus tons of other special and enhanced programs for Scouts and Scouters of all ages.

From all of us at Camp Minsi: Happy Birthday, BSA!

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