Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Camp Minsi on Google Earth

If you use Google Earth, and you know where to look, you can easily check out an impressive aerial view of Camp Minsi. Located just northwest of the intersection of Route 380 and Route 940, Camp Minsi is situated on the shores of Stillwater Lake (41.06880°N, 075.25334°W).

Camp Minsi encompasses over 1,200 acres of relatively flat Pennsylvanian woodlands; along with the 314-acre Stillwater Lake. Although the trees block the view of many camp locations; you can still easily pick out many key Camp Minsi features - such as the Waterfront, the parade field, the shooting ranges, Dotter's Run and Duck Puddle, the parking lot, the ice house ruins, the activities field, the parking lot, and many of the camp roads, sites, buildings, and geographic features. So go check out Camp Minsi and this part of the Poconos on Google Earth. You'll be amazed.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Camp Minsi Kicks-Off 60th Summer Camp Season

The long awaited start of the 2009 summer camp season at Camp Minsi is finally here! This year Camp Minsi celebrates its 60th anniversary season, as the camp has been operating in the same location since 1949. The camp encompasses more than 1,200 acres of pristine Pennsylvanian woodlands along the shores of the 314 acre Stillwater Lake. This summer Camp Minsi continues its tradition of providing unique and exciting programs for Scouts of all ages.

This summer Camp Minsi will host 6 exciting weeks of summer camp – welcoming over 65 Troops and serving more than 960 Scouts, 250 Scouters, and countless families, volunteers and friends.

We look forward to sharing the fun of camp with you online – check back for updates throughout the summer.

The Camp Minsi Alma Mater

The singing of the Camp Minsi Alma Mater has been a long-standing tradition at Camp Minsi. This anthem is sung at campfires, ceremonies and at other occasions throughout the summer. The Alma Mater holds a special meaning to many campers, leaders, and staff as it captures the spirit of Camp Minsi. While many long-time campers hold the song dear and have commited the words to memory, there are many that are not as familiar with the lyrics to this song. We've received some requests for the lyrics; and so, without further ado, here they are. Enjoy!

The Camp Minsi Alma Mater

By the shores of old Stillwater,
With it's azure blue,
Lies a camp of friendly Boy Scouts,
Cheerful, brave, and true.
Sing her glories, live her ideals,
Hold her memories dear.
Give a cheer that all may hear it;
Hail all hail Minsi.
Far away from care and turmoil
Of the busy town,
In a Brotherhood of Scouting;
We will there be found.
Sing her glories, live her ideals,
Hold her memories dear.
Give a cheer that all may hear it;
Hail all hail Minsi!