Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Camp Minsi on Google Earth

If you use Google Earth, and you know where to look, you can easily check out an impressive aerial view of Camp Minsi. Located just northwest of the intersection of Route 380 and Route 940, Camp Minsi is situated on the shores of Stillwater Lake (41.06880°N, 075.25334°W).

Camp Minsi encompasses over 1,200 acres of relatively flat Pennsylvanian woodlands; along with the 314-acre Stillwater Lake. Although the trees block the view of many camp locations; you can still easily pick out many key Camp Minsi features - such as the Waterfront, the parade field, the shooting ranges, Dotter's Run and Duck Puddle, the parking lot, the ice house ruins, the activities field, the parking lot, and many of the camp roads, sites, buildings, and geographic features. So go check out Camp Minsi and this part of the Poconos on Google Earth. You'll be amazed.

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